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"I must live with this reality, I am yours eternally"

Although being a fan since 1981 and an unreservedly enthusiast since 1984, I really began with collecting Depeche Mode only since they started to release their music on CD. As long as there was only vinyl, I was a "normal" purchaser. As Compact Disc came out and their old releases being re-issued on this support, it made me begin the collection. My goal is to try and get each version of each song on digital support. The album "Black Celebration" in 1986, which stands for me as their masterpiece, sure had something to do with this decision.

Something will always be : unlike so many others, Depeche Mode never disappointed me.
I started to like them because of the specific sounds they create to convey the music, and they never changed from that so I always remained faithful. Their style changes for sure! But the basement of their music, the creativity in the sounds, the richness of the melodies, the ambiguity of the words are always the same. The fact that we have the same age, that we evolve at the same speed and in the same direction, are reasons for my loyalty. But the intense feeling made of happiness and suffering that their music brings in to me is the most important one!

"We're damaged people"

Online collectors

BONG14 - Thomas Dörnte - Germany
Brat - Daniel Barassi - USA
Counterfeit - Chris Brown - England
inthemode - Martin Sernestrand - Sweden
Mr Love - Mr Love - England
Pascal - Pascal Kaszczyk - Spain
peterdegn - Peter Degn - Denmark
scoxdublin - Stephen Cox - Ireland
VDM - Vladimir E. Litovkin - Israel
Worm - Lars Beck - Denmark

"And I thank you"

These websites helped me to find some additional info :
depmod.com : simply the best Depeche Mode discography
recoil19.net : obviously the best Recoil's fansite
depechemode.com : the official Depeche Mode website
bong14.com : nice online collection

Many thanks to :
Raph for the LHN covers, many scans and tons of help!
Bertrand, Chris, Jens, Love, Thomas, Tom for some scans and info
Raffi for his transatlantic help

Thanks a lot for the nice gifts to :
Alex, Angie, Barry, Chris, Dorian, Gaspard, Inge, Jens, Marcus, Martin, Matthias, Michael, Michel, Raphaël, Seymen, Steve, Tom, Vladimir